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Anthony Atchley Mrs . Garner English 134 5 October 2008 Arm Candy “She needs to be able to make a good sandwich, she needs to be hot, and she needs to know how to take care of the household .” Said Cameron Bacciarini when asked about the three most important traits he finds in a woman . In a survey of ten college men it was seen that only two believed successfulness to be the number one trait in a woman . It was seen through a small and simple survey that many college men base their relationships on increasing their own masculinity by dominance over a woman and good looks over personality as the main ideals when entering a relationship . In the essay The New Trophy Wife, by Deborah Siegel it is shown how many men choose their soul mates based on the success of the individual who is just as efficacious if not superior to the male in a relationship . The women described in Siegel’s writings are sought by men more because they are very successful and yield higher capital within a relationship not based on appearance and traditional standings of women in the past . After a series of interviews it is seen that some students seek the type of trophy wife described by Siegel, while others do not for many reasons, which relates to the current state of how marriage is looked upon today . In order to have a successful life many men find it important to base a
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relationship on the success of the woman as described in Siegel’s writings
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Eng134MarriageEssay#2 - Atchley Anthony Atchley Mrs. Garner...

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