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Engl134AdultTimeEssay#4 - Atchley 1 Anthony Atchley Mrs...

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Atchley 1 Anthony Atchley Mrs . Garner English 134 4 December 2008 Adult Time for Adult Crime Murder, rape and grand theft are all horrible crimes that would never be thought to be committed by children . All over the nation juveniles under the age of 18 are committing serious crimes that destroy the lives of others and in some cases physically taking another human’s life . It is a hard decision determining what makes someone an adult or a child . If one is deemed a child they are sent to rehabilitation to be given a second chance while the ones that are called adults are seriously punished . I agree that adult time should be given for adult crime because the punishment should fit the crime, there are no excuses for felonies, and the failing judicial system needs to be amended . The term lex talioni , or more commonly known as “an eye for an eye” demonstrates the idea that the punishment one receives for a crime should be equal to the severity of the crime committed . A petty theft or even something as simple as an unpaid ticket are crimes that can be forgiven or slightly punished . Rape, murder, and grand theft are crimes that are not forgotten, they can never be healed and the victims will always have a scar remaining .
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