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Anthony Atchley Mrs . Garner English 134 2 December 2008 Aging and Society’s Perspective I remember when I was growing older I was always looking forward to the next step in my life . I could not wait until the day I turned 16 so I could get my license and flee the grasp of immobility . Then, I would pray for the day I would turn 18 so that I could go to all the clubs with my friends and finally be treated like an adult by my parents, and now, I impatiently wait until I turn 21 so that I may finally be able to live my life without any of the restrictions of being young . Growing older is a wonderful thing in life, but unfortunately it is treated like a horrible disease by today’s society . I believe that maturity is not respected the way it should. By looking at the positive attributes of age, along with the history of society’s views on aging, compared to the unpleasant aspects of age, it is seen whether societies view on age is appropriate or not . Growing older is a part of life and it has many positive characteristics which can be seen through all aspects of society . Throughout life there comes much experience and knowledge that one may share with others . Everyone has one of those rambling grandfathers, who are always telling crazy stories of back in his day, but it’s more than just dumb stories; its firsthand advice
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English134AgingInMediaEssay#1 - Atchley Anthony Atchley...

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