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Atchley 1 Anthony Atchley English 149-08 November 8, 2009 Bio-Fuels and Algae Do you remember seeing slimy, green pond scum and saying, “Yuck!” What you should have said when you saw this was “Cool!” because that green stuff is actually called algae and it might just be the United States’ ticket out of the energy crisis. Research is being done on algae to make it the front-runner for the best renewable energy source to replace crude oil. An alga is a plant cell that has been discovered to have a vast quantity of oil that can be converted into precious biodiesel. Nearly 800 million dollars is headed to funding research and development of biofuels. Although this is a great amount of money, only 16%, or 50 million, of the budget is heading towards algae research and development. Since natural resources, such as crude oil, are being depleted at an alarming rate, it is imperative that more funding and research should go to converting algae into fuel. Containing one of the highest content of oil produced in a natural resource, algae is a leading contributor for the push to produce natural resources that will in turn over take crude oil. Stefani Newman, a leading scientist in the extraction process of algae, says about “95% of oil can be extracted from algae,” and this is a very important statistic because it shows the oil that is so desperately needed in today’s crisis is here! It is just a matter of extracting it and converting it to usable oil (Newman). There are two ways in which the oil can be extracted from the algae. One way is when the algae are grown, they are then taken and compressed just like a grape is
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BiofuelsEng149 - Atchley 1 Anthony Atchley English 149-08...

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