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GroupGuidelinesMemo - Oct 9 2009 Group Guidelines 1 MEMO To...

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Oct. 9, 2009 Group Guidelines 1 MEMO To : Professor Regan From : Anthony Atchley, Trevor Jones, Josh Marcum, Monty Johns, and Andrew Steckfus Date : 9 Oct. 2009 Subject : Group Guidelines The group will create guidelines in order to keep the project tasks organized and fair. The core components of the guide are the group manager, team organization, division of tasks, group resolutions, evaluations, group decisions, and communication methods. Group Manager : Trevor Jones The manager’s responsibilities include assigning tasks to other members of the group, arranging group meetings, storing the project parts kit, and keeping the group organized and on track. Organization : The group will discuss project tasks and create a timeline for project completion at group meetings. A standard meeting place such as the library will be established for a working environment. Division of Tasks : Each group member will be required to perform an equal amount of work for the project. The completion of the project will be each member’s responsibility to ensure. Task completion will be enforced through the problem
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