InterviewMemo - Working with a team of engineers to build a...

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October 5, 2009 Kyle Logan 1 Memo Date: October 5, 2009 To: Engl 149-09 From: Anthony Atchley RE: Student Interview Kyle Logan In a simple interview I had the privilege to talk to Kyle Logan, a sophomore at Cal Poly who is majoring in materials engineering. The interview covered his technical writing background, the technical tools he posses, his group skills and his device plan. Technical Writing Background Being a materials engineer and a student at Cal Poly, Kyle has had numerous experiences with technical writing through his studies. The previous technical writing examples he has demonstrated include: Chemistry Lab Reports Physics Data Sheets Materials Engineering Class Documents Design Objective Reports Technical Tools Laptop Solidworks/Pro Engineer Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Group Skills Kyle posses a keen sense of group involvement and workmanship. He has showed planning, leadership, and hard work in his group activities by
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Unformatted text preview: Working with a team of engineers to build a shed behind the ASI children’s center. Playing on sports teams including basketball and soccer. Device Idea Kyle’s friend just recently dropped her blackberry in the toilet completely disabling it with water damage and rendering it worthless. Kyle would like to know how to take one apart and repair it because hopefully he can spread the knowledge learned to his friend. October 5, 2009 Kyle Logan 2 If she can repair her blackberry instead of buying a new one it can save hundreds of dollars. After interviewing Kyle Logan, I believe that he posses the required skills and technology to be an efficient technological writer. By learning of his achievements in previous group projects Kyle will also have no problem doing well in any group that he is in. Kyle’s device choice of a blackberry for his project is simple, practical and effective for a successful project....
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InterviewMemo - Working with a team of engineers to build a...

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