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LG VX5200 Abstract - • Research for the solutions to...

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LG VX5200 Project Monty Johnson, Trevor Jones, Anthony Atchley, Josh Marcum, and Andrew Steckfus Abstract: The LG VX5200 is a flip phone cell phone that was released in 2005. The VX5200 remains in service even though LG has discontinued this device, but many are still in use. The small electronic phone has numerous possible problems and parts that can go missing or broken. It is important for the users of this device to be able to repair their phones themselves as to promote a greener earth by reusing instead of disposing. In this project the LG VX5200 was disassembled completely and repaired. Every step in the disassembly was recorded thoroughly and the instructions are then turned into repair guides to be published on Ifixit.com. The process of this group project involves an organized schedule and well led group.
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Unformatted text preview: • Research for the solutions to common device problems • Disassemble the device and document including pictures • Write progress reports and memos • Create intricate repair guides • Write trouble shooting guides • Publish all works to Ifixit.com Ifixit.com is a large collection of repair guides for do it yourself repair of many common electronics. This collection of guides is created by anyone professionals or novice in order to public access for anyone. The recycling of devices prevents industrial waste that is harmful for the environment and saves people money. The device repair guides are successfully written and soon the public will be able to access this help from any computer in the world....
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