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HeatofSub - Chemistry 124 Fall 2010 Name Dr Heying Computer...

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Chemistry 124 Fall 2010 Dr. Heying Name Anthony Atchley Computer Number 28 The Heat of Sublimation of Dry Ice Instructions: This report is to be completed by each of you INDIVIDUALLY after performing the experiment with your partner. This report is due at the beginning of class on Monday, October 4 th , 2010. You are to fill in this form using Microsoft Word to create a clear and informative report. To draw attention to your answers, you may want to use color or bold type. Be sure to keep your answers and calculations within the allotted spaces. You will turn in a hard copy of this report. READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY! Calculated Results: Fill in your results of your calculations in the table below. Title the table appropriately! (in space below) Final Values Data Table: Trial # Heat Energy Exchanged (J) Heat of Sublimation (in kJ/mol CO 2 ) 1 10720 30.9 2 9833 30.8 3 11860 33.9 Average 10804 31.9 Show a sample calculation for each of the following within the provided space: 1) Heat energy exchanged: Trial # 1: H20 q=Mc( T) => (71.57g)(4.184 j/g*c)(-35.8 *c)= -10720j => (CO2) +10720j
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Chemistry 124 Fall 2010 Dr. Heying
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