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Lab1HydraulicTour - Anthony Atchley BRAE 312 Lab 1...

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Anthony Atchley 9/27/2011 BRAE 312 Lab 1- Hydraulics Tour In this lab the class was able to observe two sites of hydraulic importance. The irrigation practices field where there is a booster pump, pressure regulation valve, and assorted pipelines. The second site was the water resources facility where a test was done using the wade rain kit, demonstration of water hammer, and an observation of open channel vs. pipeline flow. Irrigation Practice Field: The pipe types observed were PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and steel pipe. Steel pipe is the strongest but also the most expensive where as PVC is cheap and flexible but is not as strong and can become brittle due to UV radiation. PVC must be painted to protect it from the sun but in general steel is used above ground and PVC below because PVC does not rust as would steel when it is underground. The pipes are subject to a classification generated by the Hazin Williams equation which produces “c-factors” that are a measure of roughness. PVC has the highest number (150) so therefore the least roughness,
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