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Anthony Atchley 10/12/11 BRAE 312 Lab 3- Pipe Flow Rate Measurements 1) Electric Meter: The electric meter is a good way to get a general volumetric flow estimate. This process works by taking an electric meter reading and a flow reading initially and then after a set amount of time the final energy reading and flow can be used to calculate the approximate amount of acre feet per kilo watt hour. Many growers will use this as an estimate for the flow rate but it is not very accurate due to factors such as friction loss and pump variability. Especially in wells where the changing water levels will affect the values significantly. This is a good general idea of the flow that can be obtained quickly but should not be used as a reading. (See attached sheet for example estimate.) 2) Collins Tube Measurement: Using a two point method to deterring the flow rate of a pipe line the Collins method is a good method to get relatively accurate readings because it takes account the flow characteristics across the diameter of the pipe line. The 10 point method was not demonstrated but it would offer a greater accuracy. The specifics of this method is to insert a rod through the pipeline and measure pressure upstream and downstream with a Pitot tube which is displayed on a manometer in terms of head. From the head and the pipe diameter the velocity can be calculated and from the average velocity the flow rate is then determined at 3.54 CFS for our measurement. A good check for
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Lab3flowmeterdocx - Anthony Atchley 10/12/11 BRAE 312 Lab...

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