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AMERICAN IDIOMS (FROM IDIOM ADVANTAGE) 1. AHEAD OF ONE’S TIME – New and revolutionary concept. 2. BEND OVER BACKWARDS – To try very hard. 3. BOUNCE A CHECK – To write a check without having sufficient money in one’s account to cover it. 4. BREATHING ROOM – To have freedom from excessive control of one’s time and attention. 5. BRING TO ONE’S FEET – Impress the audiences, The people applauded or cheered for someone. 6. BRINGING THE CITY TO IT’S KNEES – Make someone surrender, Make someone give up. 7. BITE OFF MORE THAN ONE CAN CHEW (TO GET IN OVER ONE’S HEAD) – More than one can handle, Beyond one’s ability. 8. BLOW IT – Mess up with something. 9. CALL THE SHOTS – To make the decisions, To be in charge. 10. CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS (U CAN’T HAVE A CAKE AND EAT IT TOO) – Make a choice. 11. CAN’T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES – Just concentrate on the small things and can’t see the real meanings. 12. CHANGE THE TUNE – Change the mind, Change the opinion, and Change the view. 13. CHEAP SHOT ( OR TAKE A CHEAP SHOT ) – An unfair and unsporting statement made about someone. 14. CLEAR THE AIR – To settle differences, To remove the bad feelings and tension felt after an argument or disagreement. 15. COME ALIVE – To suddenly become lively and energetic, particularly just after one has been inattentive, indifferent, or bored. 16. CORPORATE LADDER – The series of promotions and advancements required to rise to the top in a business setting. 17. COST AN ARM AND A LEG (CHARGE OR PAY AN ARM OR A LEG) – To be very expensive or overpriced.
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18. COULDN’T CARE LESS – To not care at all. 19. COUGH UP – Give up something unwillingly. 20. CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN ONE COMES TO IT – Decide what to do when the time comes. 21. CUT CORNERS (DOTS EVERY I’S AND CROSS EVERY T’S) – Take shortcuts. 22. CUT IT OUT – Stop it. 23. DIDN’T HAVE A PRAYER – No hope, No chance at all. 24. DOESN’T GROW ON TREES – Is not readily available or easy to obtain (frequently used when speaking of money). 25. DRESSED TO KILL – Dressed in a very attractive and alluring way. 26. DRIVE SOMEONE CRAZY – To severely annoy or irritate someone. 27. DROP IN – To pay someone a short, informal visit. 28. EGG ON ONE’S FACE – To be humiliated and embarrassed by claiming something that is subsequently proved false. 29. FAIRWEATHER FRIEND – Someone who is a friend only when you are very successful; if your success or popularity diminishes, he/she is no longer friendly.
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