Annotations - a current illness It kept giving trouble to...

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Win 1 Lai Yin Win Professor Carroll EN 101 Spring 2011 Annotation 1 – “ “ The system doesn’t treat mental health with the same urgency it treats general health care, ” says one former Marine, Brain Hitchcock, who has been diagnosed with PTSD and is trying to get help.” Brain Hitchcock Interview, 2007. This citation supports my fact that Veteran Association neglected to treat War Veterans for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Annotation 2 – “ Although this condition has likely existed since human beings have endured trauma, PTSD has only been recognized as a formal diagnosis since 1980. However, it was called by different names as early as the American Civil War, when combat veterans were referred to as “ soldier’s heart ”. In World War I, it was referred to as “ Combat fatique ”. . This cited text supports the research paper in a way that PTSD is not
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Unformatted text preview: a current illness. It kept giving trouble to the veterans since World War I, World War II and Vietnam War. Annotation 3 Black Miller, a U.S. Marine, fought in the relentless battle of Fallujah ( 2004 ). During a brief lull in fighting, Miller took a smoke break. Millers face was smeared with soot and sand and blood and war paint, none of which could camouflage his bewilderment and exhaustion. A photographer from The Los Angeles Times, attached to Win 2 his unit to record their progress, captured the battle-weary Marine with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. The image was soon plastered all over the news, appearing in more than 150 publications worldwide and earned him the name Marlboro Man. This cited text reflects the actual images of veteran who served or are currently serving in fields around the world. It shows us that how veterans were trying really hard to serve for their country and the people....
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Annotations - a current illness It kept giving trouble to...

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