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Unformatted text preview: Name: ___________________________________ Molarity – Study Guide section 4.4 in the textbook Solution Concentration The component in a mixture present as the major component is called the _____________________. The minor component is called the _____________________. An aqueous solution contains _______________________ as the solvent. Molarity is a unit of concentration. Molarity = Molarity in Calculations When you are given molarity (M), use it as a conversion factor. Write the two possible conversion factors that can be made from 2.50 M NaOH. Practice Problem: Calculate the number of moles of sodium hydroxide in 50.0 mL of 2.50 M NaOH. Dilution Calculations (ans: 0.125 mol NaOH) When you begin with an existing solution (a stock solution) and add solvent, it is diluted to a new, ____________________ (lower or higher) concentration solution. Write the equation used for dilution calculations: Note that you can use mL in this equation. CH101 NEVER use this equation when a reaction is occurring. This equation is ONLY for dilution where solvent is added and no reaction is occurring. Practice Problem: Calculate the volume of 12.0 M HCl needed to make 500.0 mL of 4.50 M HCl. Solution Stoichiometry (ans: 188 mL) Molarity can be used to calculate moles in stoichiometry problems. Watch video tutorial on Blackboard Practice Problem: 2HCl + Ba(OH)2 2H2O + BaCl2 Based on the above equation, calculate the volume (in mL) of 1.50 M Ba(OH)2 needed to completely react 50.0 mL of 2.95 M HCl. (ans: 49.2 mL) End of Chapter Practice Problems Tro First Edition: #49, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61 Tro Second Edition: #53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65 answers are located in Appendix III of the textbook Take the Quiz on Blackboard 2 ...
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