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CHAPTER 3 - controlled by those who run it in which people...

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CHAPTER - 3 AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION Individuals or groups that affect our self-concept, attitudes, behaviors or other orientations toward life. 1. The Family 2. The Neighborhood 3. Religion 4. Day Care 5. The School 6. Peer groups ANTICIPATORY SOCIALIZATION The process of learning in advance an anticipated future role or status. RESOCIALIZATION The process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. TOTAL INSTITUT ION A place that is almost totally
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Unformatted text preview: controlled by those who run it, in which people are cut off from the rest of society and the society is mostly cut off from them. DEGRADATION CEREMONY A term coined by Harold Garfinkel to refer to a ritual whose goal is to strip away someone’s position ( social status ); in doing so, a new social and self-identity is stamped on the individual. LIFE COURSE The stages of our life as we go from birth to death....
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