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Lai Yin Win En 101 Rules For Writers Exercise – who/ whom (Page - 197) a. The roundtable featured scholar who I have never heard of. b. Arriving late for rehearsal, we had no idea who was supposed to dance with whom . c. Who did you support in the last presidential election? d. Correct e. So many singers came to the audition that Natalia had trouble deciding whom to select for the choir. 1. My cousin Sylvie, whom
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Unformatted text preview: I am teaching to fly a kite, watches us every time we compete. 2. Who decided to research the history of Hungarians in New Brunswick? 3. According to the Greek myth, the Sphinx devoured those who could not answer her riddles. 4. The people who ordered their medications from Canada were retirees who don’t have health insurance. 5. Whom did the committee select?...
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