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Win 1 Lai Yin Win Sociology 101 Professor Ngala Spring 2011 The Effects of Commercials on Teenagers in the U.S. The television as well as magazine commercials these days have a great impact on almost everyone especially on the teenagers. Teenage kids want to do what the stars do on the television whether it is good or bad. These commercials are also an important tool in mass media for the business. How commercials can possibly be physically, mentally and socially affect the lives of U.S. teenagers? The more a teenager watch the television commercials, the more he or she will experience the physical, mental or social impact on his or her life like in Attitudes, Knowledge and Behavior. This study is affected in both macro-level and micro-level analysis. The independent variables are: 1. Age 2. The interest of teenagers in the commercial 3. The type of advertising product 4. The level of Attractiveness of the commercial itself. 5. The present or absent of favorite stars in the ads. The dependent variable would be how much those commercials can affect on the lives of teenagers in the U.S. The study population mainly emphasize on the teenage group between age 13 and 19 who usually watch television commercials at least 3 days in a week which usually is the age group that can affect easily by peers, family or the media. Nowadays,
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Lai Yin Win (2) - Win 1 Lai Yin Win Sociology 101 Professor...

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