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Lai Yin Win BT 101 (Assignment No.1) I went an online visit to “Human Genome Sciences Inc” (HGSI) , a Biopharmaceuticals and Biotherapeutics Industry, which is located in Rockville, Maryland. It is a very advance company in Biotechnology, and I would like to work for it because it definitely has a very bright future, which is right around the corner. Moreover, it always tries to produce new therapies for those battling serious diseases. That means, HGSI treasures the quality of life of the people. Now, it is also a partner with GlaxoSmithKline for the commercialization of Benlysta drug for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus . This company is now under the supervision of H. Thomas Watkins, President and Chief Executive Officer, together with (21) Executive Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, and Vice Presidents in their respective branches. It has between 500-999 total number of employees who work for HGSI with great salaries, and benefits. Human Genome Sciences Inc: is a company which mainly intends for research, and development of the pharmaceuticals mainly
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