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Unit 1 exercise keys. For some exercises, answers are provided for odd numbered items only. Exercise 1. What would you say? Notes: Options generally have slightly different nuances; there may be more options than listed. Some opening exclamations have been provided to make the response seem more natural. 1. Zuótiān nǐ máng bu máng? ~ Nǐ zuótiān máng bu máng? ~ Zuótiān nǐ máng ma? 3. Jīntiān lěng le. 5. Tā hěn jǐnzhāng. 7. Zuótiān wǒ bù shūfu. ~ Wǒ zuótiān bù shūfu 9. Wǒ bú tài è. 11. Nǐ kě bu kě? ~ Kě ma? 13. Wǒ bú è le. Exercise 2. Paraphrase questions and answers: In many cases, there may be options other than the one or ones given. 1. Nǐ kànbào le ma? / Hái méi. 3. Tāmen zǒu le ma? / <Tāmen> hái méi<you> zǒu. Tāmen zǒu le méi<you>? 5. Tāmen yǐjing shàngbān le ma? / Tāmen shàngbān le. 7. Wǒ <yǐjing> chī le. / Nǐ hái è ma? 9. Tāmen yǐjing xiàkè le ma? / Hái méi ne. Tāmen xiàkè le méi<you>?
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Unformatted text preview: 11. È ma? / Bú è le, wǒ yǐjing chī le. 13. Jǐnzhāng ma? / Xiànzài hěn jǐnzhāng le. 15. Tāmen qǐlái le ma? / Qǐlái le, <hái> méi chīfàn ne. What would you say? 1. Nǐ chīfàn le ma? ~ Nǐ chī le ma? ~ Chīguo fàn le ma? 3. Zuótiān hěn lěng, jīntiān hǎo le ~ rè le ~ bù lěng le. 5. Tāmen yǐjing xǐzǎo le, hái méi chīfàn. 7. Dì-yī ge yǐjing zǒu le, dì-èr ge dì-sān ge hái méi zǒu. Exercise 3. Tone shifts. Recall that, in Learning Chinese , we do write the changed tone for yi and bu , but – except for this exercise and a few others -- we leave the changed tone unchanged for the two low tones in a row. 1 bù máng bú è yí tào yì tiáo 2 bú lèi bú shì yí kuài dì-yī 3 bù jǐnzhāng bù kě yí wèi yì zhāng 4 bù hǎo bú cuò yì běn yí kè 5 hén hǎo hěn máng hén zǎo hén wǎn 6 hěn lèi hěn nán hái hǎo hén kě For those parts of ex 3 that involve pronunciation or reading, see Audioclip #15....
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LC%20Unit%201%20Ex%20keys - 11 È ma Bú è le wǒ yǐjing...

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