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Win 1 Lai Yin Win Professor Carroll EN 101 Spring 2011 My Feelings on a Traditional Festival of My Culture Being a Burmese girl, one of the tribes from the country called Burma, I really treasure my cultures, and traditions, and try to follow them as much as I can. Burma is a tropical country which is located in Asia. It is a very beautiful country with rich natural, and cultural resources. Although Burma is a Buddhist country, most of the Burmese cultures are mainly or partly derived from Hinduism. In each and every month, we have at least one cultural event. Some events show beauty and prosperity of Burmese people, but some means superstition to me. Among them, “ Thingyan Festival”, also known as “Water Festival”, is the biggest and the happiest event for the Burmese people. Our water festival is truly a cultural, and traditional festival for us. It is also a national long holiday break as well. When I was young, my Grandpa used to tell me about this festival like where it originated from, and the meanings of it. It is held in April every year which depicts the legend Sukka and Brahma, the two Hindu Deities. It is very similar to Songkran water festival in Thailand. Burmese New Year comes right after the water festival, according to the lunar year. Water means coolness, and cleanliness in Burmese culture. So, in water festival, we pour or throw water
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Narrative 1 - Win 1 Lai Yin Win Professor Carroll EN 101...

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