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Win 1 Lai Yin Win EN 101 Professor Carroll Spring 2011 Exciting Versus Frightening It was really an exciting as well as a frightening feeling for someone like me who have been in the States for just six months only, when I heard that we must go to Washington D.C. to write an essay about “ A Visit to Smithsonian”. Actually I was planning to go there with some of my friends; but unfortunately, because of my busy schedule with exams and tests, I had to go there alone. This was the very first time for me in my entire life that I went to somewhere without my family. It was like a great adventure for me. There was a dual feelings at the same time, exciting as well as frightening . The night before I went there, I couldn’t sleep almost the whole night because I was too excited to go to D.C., although I prepared everything to take with me like a notebook, a pen, some snacks, a water bottle and two most important things, GPS and my cell phone to use if I got lost on the way. Finally, I got to the Smithsonian Natural Science Museum with the help of many people including a lady from the Metro Station Information Desk, and even a guy from the Salvation Army. I was lost on my way from the Shuttle bus area to the Museum, but that guy knew that I need help, and he leaded me the way until I saw the museum building . I still remember his way of calling me, “ Come on, Young Lady. I’ll show you” with a rich southern accent. This reminded me of the stereotypes once I thought that people from the U.S. were very self- centered, and socially unappreciable. On
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smithsonian essay - Win 1 Lai Yin Win EN 101 Professor...

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