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sociology paper[1]

sociology paper[1] - Win 1 Lai Yin Win Sociology 101...

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Win 1 Lai Yin Win Sociology 101 Professor Ngala Spring 2011 Education system in South Africa South Africa is known as a Rainbow nation due to the great diversity, different culture, and subculture. The society is raised according to their ethnic group; these social groups have different beliefs, values, norms, behavior and language that had been passed down from generation to generation. Culture is being taught at an early age, for example how to behave, manners and respect. In order to extend knowledge and learning how to read and write, society is introduced to education system. The education system focuses on transmitting knowledge, skills, and values through school. The school is divided into 2 parts, from grade 0 to 12 and to further their studies usually scholars go to colleges and continue university. It usually depends on the family finances, but sometimes when a scholar has good grades eventually they could finish their tertiary level free through scholarships or grants. Education is divided into 3 categories; General Education (Hunting and gathering), Higher Education (Post industrial society), and Further Education and Training. During the early apartheid, black people in South Africa had no voice or right; they were even limited to attend school because schools or learning centers were designed for white only. Schools were designed to practice and teach apartheid, they had vulnerable weak system. There is a movie called Sarafina which was produced during that time, it shows how bad the education system was in 1970’s. The quantities measure showed the statistics for uneducated black society as in macro analysis was high. Either any of the Afrikaners (another white ethnic) were taking social perspective into consideration. They only considered their society; how to improve and make their lives better, while keeping the blacks oppressed, uneducated, and in slavery. The black society was raised through hunting and gathering society, because they will go and hunter in the forest in order to survive. There was no office job available for them because of being uneducated. Children will learn how to hunter and to pasture the herd at an Win 2
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early age. They were classified into different social science, whereby the leader or King of the
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sociology paper[1] - Win 1 Lai Yin Win Sociology 101...

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