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Unformatted text preview: DAY 3 V. UPPER BODY DEMONSTRATION--ISOLATION EXERCISES A. Anterior Deltoid, Triceps (Seated Dumbbell Press) 1. 8-10 reps due to high stress on shoulder joint 2. Set starting position so that minimum effort is required for liftoff. 3. Same technique as other presses 4. With head bent forward and back against pad, take bar from base of head in a slight backwards angle from front of shoulder to rear of shoulder. 5. Spotting is same as with incline press. B. Lateral Deltoid (Lateral Raises -- machine) 1. Stand facing machine with feet shoulder width apart. 2. With elbows slightly flexed, raise arms until they are parallel to the floor. 3. Do not use your legs 4. Go through full range of motion, keeping momentum to a minimum. 5. Spotting must be done from behind with hands under lifter’s elbows. C. Lateral Deltoid (Lateral Raises -- dumbells) 1. In seated position, extend are completely by side With dumbbell. 2. With index knuckle at a lower position than the little knuckle (relative to being parallel to the floor), raise the fully extended arm slowly to just above parallel position (hand should finish slightly higher than shoulder. 3. Return to bottom, and complete all reps for that arm before switching to other arm. 4. Spotting can be done by assisting to raise the extended arm....
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