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Day 4 Check in/attendance Stretch out with partner or by self Choose equipment-bow, quiver, and arrows, arm guard finger tab Make sure arrows are different from partner you share target with Students who are early can shoot warm up rounds-assign one student as range director 1. Assign partners to targets-have them introduce themselves-shoot from red line 2. Move back firing line to 15 yards from target 3. Review plucking and creeping –follow through technique – correct stance 4. Review pointing inside of elbow joint down toward floor to create bend
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Anchoring just below jaw-string in line w/ nose/bow 6. Shoot 2 warm up rounds giving commands –emphasize “grouping” 7. Introduce setting sight on bow 8. Shoot 6 ends trying to group arrows at own pace. 9. Introduce scoring and card – emphasize tracking where each arrow lands on target – look for pattern 10. Review self checks on back 11. Preview next class – scoring 6 rounds 12. Return Equipment...
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