Final%20Exam - IST335Spring2011 ORGANIZATIONALBEHAVIOR...

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  Please answer all essay questions clearly and concisely, using proper English, punctuation, spelling etc. You may use your textbook as reference, however I want YOUR ideas expressed, not the book’s. Note: The final is worth 70 points. 1. We’ve had many discussions on globalization over the course period. (20 points) Identify three forces that are driving globalization. What role does information technology play in enabling globalization? Name two potential benefits that globalization offers to companies. Name two types of risks of globalization and give examples of each. 2.Discuss organizational change. Specifically: (20 points) Identify two types of pressures that drive organizations to change, and give examples of each. What are three reasons that employees may resist change? What can managers do to overcome resistance to change? Choose an organization that you believe needs to make major changes right now. Explain why that organization needs to change. What risks does it face if it does not
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This note was uploaded on 11/12/2011 for the course IST 335 taught by Professor Carstenoesterlund during the Spring '09 term at Syracuse.

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Final%20Exam - IST335Spring2011 ORGANIZATIONALBEHAVIOR...

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