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IST 335 –Simulated Organization I NFORMATION T ECHNOLOGY General Overview In an organization such as an online music company, IT and Engineering are involved in two major activities: (1) developing and supporting the company’s product and services according to the specifications of the product development team (or integrating components that are purchased or outsourced); and (2) building and maintaining the information infrastructure for the company, including the website and other customer- facing technologies as well as internal systems needed by the different departments. The IT/engineering department must be involved in the product planning process along with Market Research and Product Development , providing information on the types and cost of IT resources that will be needed to implement different product offerings. These can include engineering and development resources, purchased software, hardware, networking, bandwidth, etc. Once the product/service spec’s have been determined,
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IST335_IT%20development0 - IST 335 Simulated Organization...

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