Russia vs. Soviet Union

Russia vs. Soviet Union - Bower 1 Parallels Between the...

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Bower 1 Parallels Between the Soviet Union and Russian Federation The Russian Federation has experienced economic progression in recent years, which occasionally overshadows a less desirable reality. A reality of social oppression and government secrecy. Under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, the country has found unity. However, the Russian people must take a cue from history and be vigilante in monitoring their government to avoid a calamity where they are bound by a ruthless government. Remnants of the Soviet Union still influence and permeate into the culture of modern day Russian and its clandestine government . Ronald Reagan said in his speech, The Evil Empire, “It is the Soviet Union that runs against the tide of humanity by denying human freedom and human dignity to its citizens” (Halsall). No citizen, wealthy or poor, influential or ineffectual, was exempt from the atrocities in the Soviet Union. There is no better example than the Great Purge, also known as the Great Terror, in which Stalin brutally rose above his political rivals and killed their followers as well. There would be no opposition or remnants of “Old Bolshevism” left to inhibit his goals of dictatorship (Jones). Segei Kirov was an idealist at heart, and an old Bolshevik. He valued the theories and ideas set into motion by Lenin, and he was against the brutal methods of Stalin. Stalin viewed Kirov as a threat because he was a well liked, freethinking, and a genuine people person. Most dangerous of all was the fact that Kirov was a Russian, whereas Stalin was Georgian. Stalin was self-conscious of his background and was jealous that the people or Russia would identify with a fellow Russian. Kirov was eventually offered Stalin’s position in the government but declined. As a loyal friend, he told Stalin he had not accepted the position, but Stalin became enraged. Coincidentally, Kirov’s bodyguards soon began apprehending an armed man named Leonid
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Bower 2 Nikolayev on numerous occasions. Each time the NKVD, secret police aligned with Stalin, released him mysteriously. On December 1, 1934, Nikolayev concealed himself within Kirov’s office. When Kirov entered, Nikolayev shot him, thus beginning the purge of the Bolshevik party (Smitha). Sources disagree on the total number of party members killed; however, Jones writes that 1,116 were sentenced to death in 1936.
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Russia vs. Soviet Union - Bower 1 Parallels Between the...

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