Another organelle is the Golgi body

Another organelle is the Golgi body - Another organelle is...

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Unformatted text preview: Another organelle is the Golgi body (also called the Golgi apparatus). The Golgi body is a series of flattened sacs, usually curled at the edges. The outermost sac often bulges away to form droplike vesicles known as secretory vesicles. It is in the Golgi body that the cell's proteins and lipids are processed and packaged before being sent to their final destination. Another organelle, the lysosome, is derived from the Golgi body. It is a somewhat circular, droplike sac of enzymes within the cytoplasm. These enzymes are used for digestion in the cell. They break down the particles of food taken into the cell and make the products available to the cell. Enzymes are also contained in a cytoplasmic body called the peroxisome. The organelle where much energy is released in the eukaryotic cell is the mitochondrion (plural, mitochondria). The energy released is used to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Because they are mitochondria)....
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