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Knowing How Infectious Disease Spreads

Knowing How Infectious Disease Spreads - transmissibility A...

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Knowing How Infectious Disease Spreads Infectious diseases are those caused by microorganisms. In order to relate a particular organism to a  particular disease,  Koch's postulates  must be fulfilled. First devised by Robert Koch in the 1870s,  Koch's postulates are a series of procedures for identifying the cause of a particular disease. They  are described in the first chapter of this book.  Symptoms and signs.  Infectious diseases are usually characterized by changes in body function  known as  symptoms.  Symptoms are subjective changes not always apparent to the observer. The  patient may also exhibit  signs , which are objective changes that can be measured. Fever and a skin  rash are examples of signs. When a specific group of symptoms or signs accompanies a disease,  the group is called a  syndrome.   Transmission and incidence.  Infectious diseases may be classified according to their 
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Unformatted text preview: transmissibility. A disease that spreads from one host to another is a communicable disease. Those communicable diseases transmitted with particular ease are said to be contagious. Diseases not spread between hosts are noncommunicable. Staphylococcal food poisoning is an example. The incidence of a disease refers to the percent of a population that contracts it over a particular period. The prevalence of a disease, by contrast, is the percentage of a population having the disease at a particular time. When a disease occurs only occasionally, it is called a sporadic disease. A disease present in a population at all times is an endemic disease. A disease that breaks out in a population in a short period is an epidemic disease , and an epidemic disease occurring throughout the world is a pandemic disease....
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