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Waiting for a miracle to happen Hiding in an open building when the freezing and windy blizzard occurred in Russia was a very horrid experience to go through. During the time of the Holocaust, my great grandmother, Amelia was scared, alone, bored, and worried about the entire situation. A miracle was all that anyone and everyone needed. The Jews weren’t the only types of people hated by the Nazi’s, but handicapped and gays too. She had been stuck in that one building for about three or four weeks and was starving to death until she fled to a relative’s house, where she was safe and sound. Her family was so excited to see her it was like when your parents come home from a trip to Spain, where they have been vacationing without you for at least a month. Then, all of a sudden a “bang, bang, bang” on the door!!! … They were all terrified and didn’t have any clue of what to do. Well, it was the Nazi Army screaming and threatening them to get out of here. So, they went to the dock in order to get out of Russia. The boat ride was very dark, with no lights and
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