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STAT 8620 — Advanced Statistical Applications I Homework 6 – Due Thursday, Dec. 4 SHOW ALL WORK Homework is due by 4:30 on the due date specified above. You may turn it in to me during class, or place it in my mailbox in the Statistics Building. I will post homework solutions shortly after all homeworks have been collected. No late homeworks will be accepted without permission granted prior to the due date. Use only standard (8 . 5 × 11 inch) paper and use only one side of each sheet. Homework should show enough detail so that the reader can clearly understand the procedures of the solutions. This is absolutely essential for you to receive full credit for your answer. Problems should appear in the order that they were assigned. Assignment: 1. Problem 7.2 in Agresti. 2. Problem 7.4 in Agresti. 3. Our textbook’s website (www.stat.ufl.edu/
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Unformatted text preview: ∼ aa/cda/cda.html) has a 4 × 2 × 3 × 3 table that refers to a sample of residents of copenhagen. The variables are type of housing (H), degree of contact with other residents (C), feeling of influence on apartment management (I), and satisfaction with housing conditions (S). Treating S as the response variable, a. find a cumulative logit model that describes the data adequately. Interpret the estimated effects. b. Find an adjacent-categories logit model that fits adequately. Interpret the estimated effects, and compare the results to those form part (a). In addi-tion, give an equivalent log-linear model. 4. Problem 7.17 in Agresti, parts a–c only. 5. Problem 7.24 in Agresti. 6. Problem 7.39 in Agresti....
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