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1 Electrostatics Electric Charges Static Electricity Electricity – some terminology s Electrostatics – electricity at rest s Electricity – flow of electric current through materials. s Electric Charge – property of matter that creates a force between objects. s Caused by an imbalance of electrons and protons. s Electric Force – force of attraction or repulsion between two objects due to charge. Electrostatics s Involves electric charges and forces and interactions between them s Examples: lightning, chemical bonds, sparks from rugs/carpet s Forces – stronger than gravity Charges of an atom s Protons : + charge, in nucleus s Electrons : - charge, in electron cloud s Neutrons : no charge, in nucleus s Electrons stay close to the protons b/c of electrical attraction.
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2 Electric Charge s Opposites attract: + and – s Like charges repel: + and + - and – s Charge can create a strong force between objects. s
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2_Electrostatics0910 - Electricity some terminology...

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