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1 Current Electricity Voltage Current Circuits Current Electricity s Electrons flow through a conductor. s Requires a potential difference (voltage). s Electricity flows from High Voltage to Low Voltage Voltage and Current s Voltage is to electric current as pressure is to water flow. b Water flows from high pressure to low pressure. b Electrons flow from high voltage to low voltage. s A greater voltage induces a greater current Generation of Current s To create water pressure we use a pump. s To create “electrical pressure” we use a battery or generator.
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2 VOLTAGE How does a battery work? It uses chemical energy to move charges What about the different sizes (AA, AAA, C, D)? Only changes the amount of energy stored not the voltage How can a battery add energy? Fully charged adds energy equal to voltage The + end of a 1.5 volt battery is 1.5 volts higher than the - end How does the current flow? From + to -
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3_IntroCircuitCurrent - Current Electricity Current...

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