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1 SPEED OF A WAVE NOTES Use Chapter 25 in the book to complete the following notes questions. Use this information to complete the separate practice problems. The practice problems will be collected as a grade; this sheet will be your notes for the unit. Wave Speed Information: 1. What does wave speed depend on <25.4>? 2. The speed of a wave in a given medium is CONSTANT! This means that the speed or a wave will not change unless it changes the substance it is traveling in. 3. Equations for wave speed: T v λ = f v λ = Where v is speed, λ (Greek letter lambda) is wavelength, T is period, and f is frequency. You may also encounter examples that use the standard speed equation = t d v , so keep that equation in mind as well. Wave speed, like all other speeds, is measured in m/s. 4. If wave speed remains constant, then as frequency increases, what happens to wavelength <25.4>?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. If the waves become longer, what happens to frequency <25.4>? This relationship should make sense if you imagine the graphs of the waves. 6. If the velocity of a sound wave varied with frequency, how would this affect your experience of going to see the symphony <25.4>? Wave Speed Examples: 7. A sound wave with frequency 262 Hz has a wavelength of 1.29m. What is the velocity of the sound wave? s / m 338 ) Hz 262 )( m 29 . 1 ( f v = = λ = 8. If another sound wave, traveling at the same velocity, has a longer period (0.007 s), what is its wavelength? T v λ = s 007 . s / m 338 λ = m 37 . 2 ) s 007 . )( s / m 338 ( = = λ 9. If the crest of an ocean wave moves a distance of 20 m in 5 seconds, what is the speed of the wave? s / m 4 s 5 m 20 t d v = = =...
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