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lab7soln - S TAT 8 200 ~ D esign o f E xperiments f or R...

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STAT 8200 -~ Design of Experiments for Research Workers Lab 7 - ~_·'Fttesday,D«w€mbel""30 I :;:> I :'" Example: Seven different hardwood concentrations are being studied to determine their effect on the paper produced. However, the pilot plant can only produce three runs each day. As days may differ, the analyst uses the balanced incomplete block design that follows. Hardwood Days Concentration 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 114 120 117 4 126 120 119 6 137 117 134 8 141 129 149 10 145 150 143 12 120 118 123 14 136 130 127 Obtain the file paper.sas from the course web page, run it and examine the program and its associated output. This design is a balanced incomplete block design with a = 7 treatments (the hardwood concentrations) and b = 7 blocks (the days). Each block is of size k = 3 because only three runs could be completed per day. Each treatment occurs r = 3 times in the design and each pair of treatment occurs in the design A = 1 time. Examine the output from paper.sas. In the first section of paper.sas the classical intrablock analysis is performed. The Type I sums of squares are given for DAY and CONe. These SSs are really SSDay(unad,j) and SSConc(ad,j) respectively. The Type III SSs are really SSDay(adj) and SSConc(a,dj)' Only the Type I SSs sum to SST, but the Type III SSs are the appropriate ones for inference on both DAYs and CONCentrations. We see that we should reject the null hypothesis that the means are the same for all levels of CONC (F = 10.42, p = .0021), and, informally, there seems to be mild evidence
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