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Lethal Injection Essay - Lethal Injection Lethal injection...

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Lethal injection is one of the many ways of execution in the United States. However unlike hanging, electrocution, and shot by a firing squad, lethal injection avoids pain for the inmate and lasts no longer then ten minutes. A more humane method has not been proposed as the drugs in lethal injection are the same used for anesthetics in hospitals for many years only in smaller doses. Lethal injection does not violate the eighth amendment doctrine of cruel and unusual punishment because it does not inflict pain, it does not last a long period of time, and it gives closure for both the victims and the perpetrators. Lethal injection, used by 37 states, is a combination of three separate chemicals, each injected at a separate time of the procedure. 1 The first chemical used is called sodium thiopental that essentially puts the inmate to sleep. The second step is the injection of Pavulon that forces the inmate’s muscles to become paralyzed. This chemical also stops breathing since the diaphragm is itself a muscle. 2 To finish the “triple cocktail,” the medical examiner injects potassium chloride to shut down the heart. Of these three chemicals, the only injection that shows only minimal traces of pain in the inmate is Pavulon that causes paralysis. However, the first injection of sodium thiopental puts the inmate in such a deep state of unconsciousness that the inmate is essentially oblivious to all pain. 3 This 1 "Dig Into the Issue: Facts Myths - Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project, Death Penalty Discourse Network." Splash - The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project . http://www.dmwplay.org/myth8.html (accessed February 18, 2008). 2 "How does lethal injection work?." Scienceline. http://scienceline.org/2007/11/12/ask-sergo-deathpenalty/ (accessed February 18,
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Lethal Injection Essay - Lethal Injection Lethal injection...

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