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chapter_2_quiz_study_guide - Chapter 3 Listening(The role...

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Quiz 2 9/21/2011 ch 11, 12, 1, 2, 3 Study Guide Chapter 1: Essentials of Human Communication Define communication Define public speaking What are communication contexts? What is the significance of each context? What are some channels that aid in message transmission? What are types of noise? How might noise inhibit the successful receipt of the speaker’s message? How essential is having a goal/or purpose when you communicate? What role does culture play in communication? Chapter 2: The Self and Perception How does self concept, self awareness, and self esteem influence communication situations? Be familiar with Johari’s window and the role it plays in communication How does perception play a role in communication situations? Impression formation? Perception checking?
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 3: Listening (The role of the audience) What type of feedback will audience members give to confirm the receipt of the speakers message? What is disclaiming? What are listening barriers? How do they interfere with listening? How do different communication situations warrant different styles of listening? What are those styles? Can cultural differences play a role in the people being effective listeners? What about gender differences Chapters 11& 12: Public Speaking Preparation What is the significance of a topic? A purpose? A specific purpose? What is transitioning? Discuss the relevance of non-verbal communication to public speaking What are organization patterns? Be familiar with each....
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