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Day Two Introduce Stretches/ Warm up exercises – demonstrate and check technique of students Stretch out with partner upon arriving at class Choosing equipment-bow, quiver, and arrows, arm guard, finger tab 2. Review stringing bow – have students partner up, introduce themselves and teach each other how to string up. 3. Archers “to the line” - assume the stance on firing line 4. Verbal commands for draw – check stance –index feathers, etc. 5. Demonstrate drawing the bow with shoulder down-demo arm bend –hook arm 6. Wrist grip –high or low 7. Check equipment for safety 8. Today we will practice draw twice and then shoot three arrows under command/repeat 9. Getting all of your arrows on the target you’re meant to be shooting at. 10. Students will practice shooting following commands from 12 yards away from targets 11. Introduce and demonstrate retrieving arrows from target –hand to hand-don’t twist or
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Unformatted text preview: pull from middle of arrow 12. repeat shooting and retrieving as time allows 13. Review unstringing bow and returning equipment to cart 14. Preview of next class. Notes: Warm up, review finger release vs mechanical release gadgets. Split finger, “apache” style” (all three fingers below the nock mark), split finger but taking the top index finger off the string before releasing. The hand should be relaxed to allow the string to slip from the fingers-no effort required. As the string is released, there is a slight backward movement of the hand due to the tension in the back muscles. Focusing on the role of the back muscles to create tension in the string arm-not having tension in the hand/arm. When at full draw-the effort required to keep the bow at full draw should be felt in the rhomboids and squeezing the shoulder blades together and down....
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