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lec_03 - 7 Shoot in partners-one shoots the other...

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Day 3 Check in/attendance Stretch out with partner Choose equipment-bow, quiver, and 5 arrows, arm guard finger tab 1. Review video of proper shooting technique 2. Review and demonstrate verbal commands for draw – point of aim technique 3. Pinching, plucking/creeping with draw hand 4. Review bow shoulder down-demo arm bend –follow through 5. Wrist grip –high/low 6. Check equipment for safety
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Shoot in partners-one shoots, the other “coaches” the technique 8. Attempt 6 rounds or “ends” of 5 arrows each – move back to red line for last round 9. Goal is for all arrows on the target you’re meant to be shooting at and begin grouping. 10. Explain and demo arrow “grouping” on targets in quadrants 11. Review retrieving arrows from target 12. Return equipment...
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  • Spring '09
  • GabriellaJordan
  • arrow, Archery, arm guard finger, shoulder down-demo arm, Wrist grip –high/low, proper shooting technique

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