10gifford - BE.010 Spring 2005 Session #10 notes...

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BE.010 Spring 2005 Session #10 notes Bioengineering Applications in Computer Science Outline of this session: - definition of machine learning and of its relevance to computational genomics research Introduction Professor of EECS David K. Gifford is the head of the Computer Genomics Group and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT. Machine Learning Machine learning is the process by which a machine uses a sample training set to learn and then to generalize the data that it receives based on experience. Let us take handwriting analysis as an example. Machine learning would involve the development of a computer algorithm to recognize and interpret a person's handwriting based on a particular sample set. Although this can be done with relative ease in the human brain, this form of artificial intelligence is very difficult to program in computers. One solution to the problem would be the memorization of large amounts of training data in hopes that all possible combinations of letters are covered. However, this method is not very effective due to the limited memory space of all machines. The goal of any type
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10gifford - BE.010 Spring 2005 Session #10 notes...

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