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hw8 - Biological Computation 20.181 Homework 8 Using code...

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Biological Computation 20.181 Homework 8 Using code other programmers have written is key to being an effective software developer, but learning to use someone else's codebase requires an initial time investment. In this homework, you will take advantage of an existing codebase to perform some basic protein modeling tasks. In the next homeworks, you will extend this codebase to build protein structures. First, however, this codebase does not have the capability to build structures. You will need to supplement this code with your code from HW7. Your function should follow the header found in the file "Structure.py". def setVectorFromDihedral(v1, v2, v3, len34, ang234, dih1234): """ This method takes 3 depedent atoms and returns vector of target atom's location given bond length, angle and dihedral. """ First, take a quick survey of the new modules and data files provided. Take a close look at the documentation provided in the headers to each function and at the top of each file. There are two important data files ("top_all27_prot_na.inp", and "bbind02.May.lib"). The first "topology" file details
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