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lec1_jls - BE.104 Spring 05 Lecture 1 Introduction I...

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BE.104- Spring 05 Lecture 1 Introduction I. Introduce lecturers, and TA Review course schedule, syllabus, policies II. Overview of course - Sherley Environment Source Whether? How? Well Toxic Diseased Policy? QHRA Health Status: People Chemicals 1) Natural 2) Extraterrestrial 3) Anthropogenic, Iatrogenic 4) Endogenous 1) How do chemicals cause toxicity and disease? 2) How do you evaluate whether an environmental chemical has a health effect on human populations? 3) What is the quality of studies and information regarding chemicals and public health effects? 4) What are the principles for establishing public health and safety regulations for potentially harmful or known harmful agents? 5) What are the social and political forces that affect how these questions are addressed?
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II. Examples for consideration 1) Why do we get sick? Bad genes (Inborn errors of metabolism) Bad environment (Chemicals, infectious agents) “Bad Luck” e.g. Accident Condition Disease Pancreas Diabetes Biological Instabilities- Aging 2) How do we know that a chemical is responsible for a change in health status?
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