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20.106J – Systems Microbiology Lecture 21 Prof. Schauer ¾ Person-to-person transmission o Tuberculosis, Influenza, H. pylori ± Tuberculosis o This is a huge public health problem world ± High morbidity, mortality ± One person gets infected every second worldwide ± A third of the world’s population is believed to be infected ± Around 5% of these people will get sick ± Latent infection – living TB organisms are replicating in your lungs, but they’re controlled – not a public health threat ± When people actually get sick, the bacteria multiply out of control, and they get sick and become a public health threat ± 10-15 million Americans have latent disease ± Big problem for people who are HIV positive o Transmission – droplet nuclei ± This comes out when you cough ± The TB organisms are so light that they can stay suspended in the air for a very long period of time ± If you inhale them, they’ll make their way all the way to the bottom of your lung and infect you ± Even talking can transmit it into the air ± The closer the contact the greater the likelihood of transmission, particularly if you’re in an enclosed air space like a bus or a plane ± However, you usually won’t be at risk of getting infected unless you’re in closer contact with somebody who has TB o Conditions that increase the risk of progression to TB disease ± People with the latent infection are no different from anyone else in terms of energy, appetite, etc. ± Factors like HIV infection make you much more likely to get actively sick ± Also substance abuse, recent infection, diabetes, and many other factors o TB morbidity ± From 1953-1984, reported cases decreased by 5-6% every year ± At that time, it seemed like we had gotten the disease under control ± However, from 1985 to 1992, it increased by 20% again ± Since then, it has dropped a bit ± People had spent so much time building an infrastructure to defend
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lecture21 - 20.106J Systems Microbiology Lecture 21 Prof...

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