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MACROEPIDEMIOLOGY: ANALYTICAL PAPER Each student chooses a common disease such as a form of cancer, vascular disease or diabetes of interest to him or her. Every three weeks a “chapter” is due in draft form with references developed in parallel with material from class that uses colon and lung cancer as principle examples. A "chapter" would be on the order of four-five pages of discussion of the key facts @ the chosen disease. Tables and figures copied from data bases and original papers would also be submitted along with a bibliography annotated when useful by the abstracts of key papers. These will be returned with criticisms and suggestions generally by the following Tuesday. Drafts may be delayed up to one week for “crunch” periods with e-mailed request for delay stating reason. The idea is that each successive chapter is resubmitted with amendments when the next chapter is due so that the effort is spread out over the length of the course. Chapters with suggested topics: CHAPTER 1 History of chosen disease rates among male and female European and African Americans and Japanese from Comparihistorical changes in birth cohorts experience to historical changes in human environment/lifestyles. Estimate minimum fraction at risk, age at onset and age-dependent rates in transitional birth cohorts. Compare history of changes of rates
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