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Progress Report I Each of the students in the group brought with them a project about which they were clearly passionate. Since there are six students in the group, one of our primary goals was to narrow the six projects down to the three that would have the greatest impact, be the most feasible, and be the most interesting. To do this, the students continued researching the projects they brought with them, and also worked to learn about and contribute to their teammates projects. As a result, the first few sessions consisted of trying to work out the details of these individual projects and assessing the merits and possible pitfalls of each. “M” was interested in designing a bacterial system that would circulate in the blood and regulate diabetes. To treat type I diabetes, she proposed a system that would sense the amount of glucose in the blood stream and secrete insulin if glucose levels became too high. She had also put some thought into a system that would alleviate type II diabetes, which would be rather more complex than the type I system. This raised the question of whether the type II system should be pursued because it is an interesting and difficult problem to solve, or whether the problem what simply too difficult, and our efforts would be better spent trying to make the type I system work. Similar to “M”’s insulin-producing system, “D” was interested in creating a blood-based
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MIT20_020S09_prj2_902prog - Progress Report I Each of the...

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