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Mentoring Record II Wed 3/13 I think ‘Three Ideas’ day went okay for us. “Jo” showed up from her sick leave for the presentation, but as she was not involved in making the slides or in running through the presentation, her intro was cringingly rough. The others on the team made a good recovery though. I realized that I would need to facilitate more practicing for the ‘Tech Spec’ review. Thurs 3/14 Unfortunately, the specifics of instructor’s feedback from the 3 Ideas Presentation went right over the freshmen’s heads and confused/disheartened them. I tried my best to rephrase/re-spin the feedback. At the time I agreed with the instructor’s comments. In hindsight, however, I wish that we had not assumed they was right or so quickly given up on our initial projects in favor of the much narrower (albeit ‘universally applicable’) suggested project. By the end of class we had decided to start over to rather than selecting one of our three ideas to continue with. We didn’t assign any specific assignments for the weekend as I think everybody was tired and needed time to digest and accept the events of the past few days. Tues 3/18 The challenge in today’s class was interesting. When “Jo” asked what a ring oscillator was, I was reminded (from 3/14) that a lot goes over their heads and also the value of our
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2011 for the course BIO 20.010j taught by Professor Lindagriffith during the Spring '06 term at MIT.

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MIT20_020S09_prj3_902mntr - Mentoring Record II Wed 3/13 I...

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