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Boosting the Body Samira Daswani, Jenny Zhou, Leanna Morinishi Goals Project Goal: To boost the body’s defenses against external invaders Team Goal: To use our newfound team, critical thinking, writing, and presentation skills in order to achieve our project goal to the best of our abilities. Personal Goals: Leanna: I want to become a more organized person in order to be a more effective team member. I believe that in improving my organization, I’ll be able to contribute more. I’d also like to work on my presenting skills, I tend to speak too quickly and play with my hands… Jenny: I’d like to become an effective presenter. Ideally, I would be able to speak fluidly in front of groups in a manner that relays my knowledge to the audience, such that the audience is interested and learns from the presentation. A major factor of this will be becoming completely knowlegeable on my part on as many aspects of the challenge as possible so that I may effective answer impromtu questions.
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MIT20_020S09_prj7_hepc_ctct - Boosting the Body Samira...

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