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BE.104 Spring ‘05 Problem Set 2 Sherley 1. After visiting each household in their defined public health sector (A) during the months of July-August, your team of healthcare monitors documents 40 cases of an unusual skin rash associated with headaches. Sector A is comprised of 500 households located in one section of the city of Boston. What information does your team need so that they can develop estimates of the prevalence and incidence of skin rashes in sector A? 2. The team leader for sector B calls you because you are team leader of sector A. The B leader wants to know if your team has observed any case of an unusual skin rash associated with headaches. Leader B reports that they have observed 60 cases in their 1000 households. You both also relate that 95% of the observed cases are children. What information do you need to determine whether your sector has a greater problem than sector B? 3.
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