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Systems Microbiology 1.084J/20.106J PROBLEM SET #4 – Due Monday Nov. 6 th Problem 4.1 a. Describe the process of “shotgun sequencing”. Assuming an average read length of 1 kbp per individual sequence, approximately how many clones would you need to sequence to close a 10 Mbp genome? b. Describe the other main alternative method for determining whole genome sequences. Are these two methods mutually exclusive? Problem 4.2 When the yeast nuclear genome was published the entire sequence was not completed. Additionally, the yeast mitochondrial genome proved difficult to accurately sequence. Describe in both cases the practical difficulties that were encountered during sequencing. Problem 4.3 a. Compare and contrast BACs with YACs – how are they employed in genome sequencing projects? b. What does annotating a genome mean, how is this accomplished, and how does it differ from assembling a genome? c. Explain how horizontally transferred genes can be detected in a genome.
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