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Systems Microbiology 1.084J/20.106J PROBLEM SET #5 – Due Wednesday Nov. 22 nd Problem 5.1 a. In which settings would it be appropriate to achieve sterilization by (i) autoclaving, (ii) γ irradiation, (iii) ethylene oxide gas, (iv) cold sterilization using a liquid, and (v) filtration. Give an example of each. b. How would you sterilize 1 liter of a viscous oil such as mineral oil (liquid petrolatum)? Problem 5.2 Why is pasteurization of milk beneficial? Do you think sterilization of milk would provide significant advantages over pasteurization? Explain your reasoning. Problem 5.3 a. Pick an antimicrobial drug and describe its mechanism of action. b. Describe 2 separate mechanisms by which bacteria could develop resistance to this drug. c. Describe a strategy that could be used to augment and/or modify your original drug to make it effective against bacteria that have acquired resistance. d.
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