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Name BE.104 Spring ’05 Quiz 1 (100pts total) PLEASE, PUT YOUR NAME ON ALL PAGES WITH ANSWERS, INCLUDING ANY ADDITIONAL ATTACHED PAGES. Question 1. 10pts You are the public health official called to investigate a sudden increase in mild eye irritation complaints in individuals coming to the MIT Medical emergency room. You make arrangements to interview patients either in the emergency room or later by phone. 9pts (3pts each): What three specific categories of questions should you ask patients in order to formulate a plan to discover the cause of the increase in eye complaints? Persons: Who is affected? Places: Where were they when affected? Time: When did their symptoms begin? 1pt : If you also interview patients in the ER who do not have an eye irritation complaint, what type of environmental health study have you initiated? Retrospective, case-control Question 2. 5pts The eye irritation resolves rapidly in the emergency room after simple eye washing, but your investigation shows that the prevalence of eye irritation since the outbreak continues to increase. What can you conclude about the incidence of eye irritation on MIT’s campus? It continues to increase, too. 1
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Name Question 3. 15pts You form the impression that contact lens wearers are over-represented among individuals who are affected by eye irritation. 5pts: What determination can you perform using only your interview data to quantify the effect of contact lens wear on the risk of developing eye irritation? Relative risk analysis (Odds ratio is okay, too, if stated that total eye irritation incidence must be low.) 5pts: Design an ideal study that will allow you to determine the absolute population risk of eye irritation associated with wearing contact lens at MIT. 1. Prospective design 2. Start with individuals who do not have eye irritation 3. Randomly assign half to wear contacts and half to be contacts-free 4. Wait to observe the incidence of eye irritation in the two groups 5pts: What cause-effect determinant could your study address? Necessary.
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quiz1_w_ans (1) - Name BE.104 Spring 05 Quiz 1(100pts total...

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